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Joico has provided cutting edge hair care for over thirty years, using the most up to date and innovative ingredients and technology to create super effective and manageable hair products, used by stylists and practitioners all over the world.

Because Joico hair care relies on the know-how of leading stylists and hairdressers in its research and manufacturing, you can rest assured that the hair products do exactly what they say on the bottle!

Finding the correct hair care and products to create the look you want, is simple because each product is tailored to very specific needs:

The Moisture Recovery Range contains ingredients drawn from the sea and is specially modified to remove excess dryness and give the hair more elasticity.

The Body Luxe range of hair products works to increase volume by actually enlarging the width of each individual hair, without weighing the hair down.

If your hair is coloured, use the Color Endurance series, which maintains your colour by nourishing and strengthening your hair.

For everyday use, for well-balanced hair, look no further than the Daily Care Joico hair care selection, which consists of balancing cleansers and conditioners, formulated to moisturise, strengthen and give shine to your hair.

Finally, there is the Silk Result collection, which contains luxurious silk proteins, which really do work to give softer, shinier and sleeker hair. The results are instantaneous.

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair with one of the above ranges of Joico hair care, styling has never been simpler. The new Design Collection of hair products are so effective and so lightweight, you will feel as if you have not added any extra styling aid. Stylists love to use this range of products as, again, each is so specific for style and/or hair type. Choose from putties, sprays, polish and waxes for an immediate change to your style with lasting hold.

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Speak to your hair care practitioner to see which product they use and recommend for you – remember, no matter how unmanageable you may think your hair is and no matter how extreme your hair style, you will find a specific Joico product to suit your needs.

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