Preventing Hair Loss Before Its Too Late


Hair loss is a problem which can affect both men and women and is caused by lots of different reasons such as illness, excessive use of hair-color, diet, stress and lots of other reasons, it maybe just a family thing. There are ways you can prevent losing your hair or keep it to a minimum, by following the recommendations below.
If you are suffering from thinning hair or want to prevent hair loss then you should stay away from coloring or using hair dyes. You should also limit the amount you use a hairdryer or curling iron/tongs and straighteners as they could all cause you to lose hair. Tight hair styles such as braids and buns and always wearing your hair up can also contribute to hair loss, so try leaving your hair down and changing the style of your hair to minimize stress on the hair.
Hair care products can also cause hair loss so take care on what types of shampoo and conditioner you use and if possible try and use herbal or organic shampoo and conditioner. It might be worthwhile consulting a dermatologist to see what products they can recommend for you to use in your hair. Check carefully on all hair products to make sure they do not contain bleaching agents or other harsh chemicals. You also need to have a good nights sleep approximately 7 hours per day and also try and keep stress to a minimum as all these factors add up to cause hair loss.
The follicles like both protein and calcium, so having a protein and calcium rich diet would also minimize both the risk and cause of hair-loss. You need to eat plenty of fish, soya, nuts, eggs, seeds, grains and dairy products as well as fruit in your diet should be good for a high protein and calcium diet which will aid the follicles. You also need to make sure your diet is with fresh and not processed food as processed food contains chemicals which can help cause hair loss.
You need to eat healthy and have a protein and calcium rich diet as well as take regular exercise this will all aid in reducing hairfall. You can also take vitamin supplements to aid in your new healthy diet. You may also lose your hair as a result of illness, so having a healthy lifestyle will minimize this cause of hair loss. Hair loss is also caused by infection, so make sure you check both your hair and scalp for any signs of infection and visit your doctor if any sign of infection occurs.

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