The Weight Loss Snowball Effect

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On a total food replacement plan, many people can lose 1 stone a month, via a safe rapid weight loss process called ketosis. Losing weight with a meal replacement plan is a very effective method of getting to your healthy target weight fast. Total food replacement means that you do not eat any conventional food, you get all your nutritional requirements from a range of food packs.
If you have several stones to lose, losing 1 stone will not make people stop on the street and notice the difference. The first month or so on a diet is hard work for someone who is very over weight, as it takes so much strength, determination and willpower to break old habits and stop turning to food at times of stress or frustration.
After a few weeks, it does become easier, as you start to form new positive habits, you start to form new strategies on how to deal with situations when you would normally turn to food.
It is important to celebrate your success every day, to be proud of every time you said “no” and to build your confidence and self esteem that you are strong and on a journey to become slim and healthy.
Once the results really start to show, the momentum builds and the excitement builds. The snowball effect kicks in, and every couple of weeks you will notice big changes in your health and your body. The weight loss process stops becoming a chore and hard task and it transforms into an exciting fun journey.
When starting out on your weight loss journey, don’t think too far ahead, just take it day at a time, and before you know it, it will become easy, it will become a new way of life, and you will wake up everyday and feel inspired and motivated to continue your journey of health improvement.

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